Parks Currently Under Construction - Summer 2018

What’s in a Park?

Parks define communities and places - whether neighborhood, regional destination or an urban park. From an aesthetic perspective, they meld architecture and horticulture into a landscape design as an art form with original, inventive and inspiring visual concepts. From a practical perspective, they are central to the wellbeing of a community and its citizens by encouraging active living and providing connections to nature.  

Parks are complex. The application of art and science are components in planning and design of parks. It takes the mindset and skill set of both to create these places of active and passive enjoyment.

Components of Park Design

  • Amenity components for variety and diversity of activity

  • Play and recreation

  • Green and nature spaces

  • Sustainable, resilient design and materials

  • Healthy communities

  • Social gathering

  • Characteristics of quality

  • Features to support, encourage, and facilitate activity

  • Structured or unstructured activity

  • Park modifiers that enhance comforts and conveniences of park use

  • Interpretive features to mark context

Park Design Services

  • Design

  • Planning

  • Re-imagining

  • Analysis

  • Research-based design

  • Art