Arapahoe County Fairgrounds + Regional Park

nature play | innovative design | water conservation

County Fairgrounds Like No Other

Updating the master plan for Arapahoe County’s fairgrounds brought an exciting opportunity to add a regional park to the site.

Our master plan blended typical fairground activities with facilities that could accommodate modern suburban interests. The result is a fairgrounds and regional park that unites western traditions (county fairs, rodeos, riding arenas) with current realities (parking, parking, parking).

A Collaborative Process

We met with the County Commissioners, Open Spaces Department, and Fairgrounds advisory committees, toured nearby historic sites, visited preserved natural areas, and ultimately created a fairground and park site that is the first of its kind.

Space for County-wide Events and Simply Family Fun

The fairground aspect of this site includes all the facilities needed for major fair events: rodeo and riding arenas, exhibition spaces, a midway, RV and trailer accommodations, and flexible events buildings.

The park includes a ten-acre natural play area with an active stream serving as an adventure playground. An aquifer pumps water to the surface and feeds a stream bed. It is also provides the site's irrigation. 

Our team used mostly native grasses throughout to conserve water, with a small amount of turf grass for the most heavily-used event areas of the fairgrounds.

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