Highland Heritage Regional Park | West Fields

synthetic turf | multi-use fields | self-lowering LED lights

For more about field design and the importance of the right turf, take a look at these blog posts written by members of our team: How to Align Your Fields with the New Youth Soccer Standards by Andy Patton and Synthetic Turf: Score Big by Understanding the Basics by Erik Spring

With the completion of the West Fields project in 2017, Highland Heritage Regional Park, which was already a premier multi-use athletic facility, now boasts the most desirable playing fields in the region. Appropriate for use by the youngest of players, as well as by elite athletes and robust organized sports and recreation clubs, the West Fields feature a dedicated soccer and football/lacrosse field, affording the community access to high-performing and safe playing spaces.

Cutting-Edge Field Technology

The West Fields are among the first U.S. locations with MX Trimension woven synthetic turf, hailed by athletes and field managers as one of the highest-performing synthetic turfs available. The Greenfields turf allows up to 20 inches of water to exit the field per hour, with extensive drainage systems, precise field slope, and porous detention ponds. Our team designed the fields to accommodate existing soil conditions, field orientation, weather variability, and regional athletic association requirements. The fields comply with 2016 U.S. Soccer guidelines.

The West Fields also feature Carolina High Mast self-lowering LED lights. These instant-on lights have a longer lifespan than traditional HID lights and require minimal maintenance. They reduce energy consumption (no warm-up time), increase light cut-off, limit spill, and reduce glare. Their dimmable capacity allows them to be used at full power for game play, lower output for practice, and the lowest output for safety lighting .The motorized self-lowering mechanism eliminates the need for large equipment, providing easy maintenance. 

A Community Asset

The park's design enables free circulation to and around the fields, with separate social gathering spaces. A new parking lot and trail connections to the Highlands Ranch neighborhood allow for easy access to the park from the surrounding community. With their combination of convenience, accessibility, and innovative design, the West Fields will surely prove a valuable addition to this thriving community park.

Check out the County's project page for more info.