Bear Creek Park

playground renovation | nature play experience | neighborhood park

Denver, Colorado

Well-loved Park Gets Exciting Modern Refurbishment

Bear Creek Park was a well-loved neighborhood park in need of improvements and upgrades. Our team was hired to collaborate with the neighbors and the City and County of Denver to refresh the park and update the amenities for a new generation.

The main play area was dominated by a large purple sombrero slide. Not wanting to lose the iconic sombrero, our designers imaged a story of a giant cowboy who settles into Bear Creek for an afternoon nap. The refurbished slide now covering the dozing cowboy’s head, his knees and boots pop out of the play area, and his tale is etched into the playground wall.

Park Amenities for All Ages

Concrete paths lead from a new parking lot connect the play and picnic areas, and a new overlook area with picnic tables provides views of the play zones, water play plaza, and toddler area. Other elements include:

  • An expanded picnic area with horseshoe pits

  • A City of Denver Time Capsule

  • A Nature's Classroom amphitheater

  • Sandblasted boulders

  • A Blue Heron tree house and swings

Bioswales next to the parking lot, native plantings, and two dozen trees complete the new sustainable landscape. 

More Fun, Improved Safety, and ADA Compliance

Our renovation of Bear Creek Playground transformed an unsafe, outdated, and non-compliant playground and into an exciting space providing opportunities for discovery and adventure. It is alive with art and interpretive elements, meets safety standards, has improved river access, and has incorporated water quality features in the parking lot.