School Playground, Site and Campus Design

Hundreds of Schools, Thousands Upon Thousands of Learners

Play, recreation and high-volume activity are hallmarks of the schoolyard. Designing a school site combines multiple sensitivities to the needs of children in their learning environment.  

First, this includes understanding the high-energy rambunctious activity of students at play. Second, understanding the educational process and the layering of learning, teaching, oversight and multiple age groups. Further, technical knowhow and functional layout of the site, fields, playgrounds, front door entryways and community gathering spaces, vehicular access for drop-off and pick-up, and ease of peak time circulation. Most important, safety and security are utmost concern of school campus design.  

The Learning Landscape

Today’s schoolyard provides spaces that extend classroom learning with integrated outdoor teaching spaces. We design schoolyards that incorporate learning landscapes in sustainable environments with layers of enrichment in addition to physical activity and connections to nature. Our schools are integral to their respective communities. They are symbolic of the neighborhood, its people and context.