Shanen Named Principal

This past January Shanen, a 15 year Design Concepts veteran, joined founding Principals Axel and Robby and managing Principal Carol as the firm’s newest Principal.

Shanen first joined the DC team in 1994, having graduated from Colorado State University where an interest in art and Earth sciences led her to landscape architecture—a field in which she found she could combine the two. She has since cultivated an enthusiasm for horticulture and design with plants.

Throughout her career here Shanen has developed a passion for park and playground design, where she has been able to incorporate children and education into natural environments. When asked to cite specific projects for which she and DC have done this, Shanen is quick to name Centennial Park in Rifle. Centennial Park’s phase two includes plans for a playground which will carry themes of time and history. Willow Farm Park in Longmont also integrates a historical theme.

Shanen’s next big project is the renovation of Adams 12 School District’s campuses. DC has already created the master plans and construction documents for the renovation. As tax funding has been put on hold Shanen is now working with schools to target specific components of play equipment and play areas to meet new district standards until new bond initiatives make more money available for the planned complete renovation.

In her new role as a Principal Shanen looks forward to helping Carol manage the firm. As Design Concepts evolves and transitions to coming generations and the founders look toward the future of the company, Shanen feels that with her, Carol, and others moving forward the firm is being placed safely into the hands of people who share the firm’s founding ethics and values.