DC Attends The Olympic Curling Trials

As a firm that is intricately tied to senses of community, DC makes an effort to engage it’s staff both in and out of the office.We work hard, often during long hours, and so it’s nice to see people we spend so much time with outside of the constraints of deadlines, design, and production.For this year’s winter outing we headed to the Broomfield Events Center to see the Women’s Curling Olympic Trial Semi-Finals. About half of our employees were able to join us, and some brought their friends, spouses, and children—including Sarah, who’s husband Greg turned out to be the most knowledgeable of the sport.

Curling is a team sport played on a long, narrow, iced alley down which players take turns “throwing” (sliding) 44 pound stones with handles, all in an effort to get as close to the target at the other end as possible.This is done with the aid of two sweepers who use brooms to help the rock to travel both and faster and to the desired spot on the ice.Simultaneously, there is an effort to knock the other team’s stones away from the target.“Curling is far more interesting than I suspected” Axel commented while we were there, “because the level of athletic control necessary is phenomenal. Speed, focus, angle, and target are all very important; it is a very ‘finesse-y’ sport.”

The Curling Olympic Trials was chosen for the winter outing due mostly to everyone’s unfamiliarity with the sport.In the past the firm has taken the Ski Train to Winter Park and attended hockey games (where the coming Olympic Curling Trials came to our attention).With the Broomfield Events Center being so close and the event’s uniqueness, attending the Curling Trials was an easy choice.