West Gunnison Neighborhood

Gunnison, Colorado

Located on Gunnison's western edge, the West Gunnison Neighborhood is made up of approximately 200 acres of publicly and privately owned property. Containing the largest acreage of undeveloped land in the community, it represents an unmatched opportunity to create public-private partnerships that will benefit the community and potentially bring significant economic benefit to the land owners. 

The West Gunnison Neighborhood Plan provided resources to create a framework for the successful development of this property. The plan resulted in the development of needed community assets such as open space, workforce housing, and drainage and transportation improvements. 

The West Gunnison Neighborhood plan is a four-part comprehensive program aimed at directing the future development of this unique area. The phases include: 

  • provide initial assessment and analysis
  • establish alternative development scenarios for the neighborhood and choose the best concept
  • refine the preferred concept by establishing additional detail and assessing engineering and financial factors
  • create implementation strategies 

Serving as the template for future development in this community, the plan encourages innovative and collaborative design and development.