Bromley Park

Brighton, Colorado

The traditional farming and ranching town of Brighton, located just north of the Denver International Airport, continues to experience suburban sprawl. To accommodate this community growth, Design Concepts has undertaken the design and planning of Bromley Park, a  3,000-acre development emphasizing the new urbanism style of traditional community planning.

While typical subdivisions place parks behind backgrounds, often intruding on homeowner privacy, Bromley Park located all parks in public squares facing front porche. People see one another as they walk to these open spaces, generating a feeling of community connection and comfort. The streets have deep setbacks and tree-lined medians to provide a feeling of separateness in each neighborhood--and to reduce traffic speed. The community is further connected by the use of traffic circles at corners and avoiding dead-end streets and cul-de-sacs. 

Bromley Park bridges the gap between 1950's suburban neighborhoods and the the small-town, historical character of Brighton.