Quail Ridge

Longmont, Colorado

The Quail Ridge community was created and designed to evoke an old-fashioned, hometown, rural setting. Accomplished by carrying these values into grid street layout, individual lot layouts, and open space, the highlight of the rural Americana culture is the farmhouse architecture. 

Differentiating itself from monotonous suburban communities, Quail Ridge's homes were laid out differently lot to lot, and varied in their architecture. An individual identity has been created for every home in the neighborhood. Walking down the street, one sees a different entrance sapce on every home, and the garages located in back to have minimal visual impact. Alleys were created to safely connect the neighborhoods to open spaces, pocket parks, retail and commercial businesses and schools. 

Our team added small details such as grass medians in the driveways, picket fences, and old-fashioned pole lights. Trees on the streets shade the walks and yards. Row homes were designed to reflect the early traditional urban neighborhood. 

Our team also preserved as much of the surrounding environment as possible, which emphasized the rural character of the development. The end result was a safe, American-rural development that benefitted from a strong sense of community.