Van Bibber Open Space Park

Arvada, CO

The dependable water source has made this beautiful valley home to ranchers, dairy farmers, hay farmers and wildlife. As urbanization surrounds the valley, Design Concepts worked with Jefferson County Open Space to create a public space shared by neighbors and the whole community in a manner that serves the varied needs of each. 

Pedestrians, bicyclists and even horseback riders enjoy the 5.5 miles of accessible trails, including both natural surface and 10' wide concrete trails on this 130 acre site. The parking lot provides ample space for both cars and trailers. 

A restroom is constructed into the hillside minimizing visual impact and maximizing energy resources. Plazas atop the building begin the park experience with an overlook portraying dramatic views of the valley. 

Interpretive signage throughout the park helps visitors understand and appreciate the native plant and animal species found here in their habitats. 

Picnic shelters and benches offer quiet use along the trail leading to the ponds and wetlands. A boardwalk persuades one to venture further and perhaps encounter more elusive wildlife.