Colorado Front Range Trail - Larkspur Trails

Larkspur, Colorado

The Colorado Front Range Trail is a chain of recreational trails that will eventually connect New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming in a 876-mile trail system, created by the collaboration of Colorado State Parks and local government agencies along the trail. 

Design Concepts worked with the Town of Larkspur on a 1.45-mile extension of the Front Range Trail. It is a combination of natural surface, crusher fines, and concrete trails. Running along Plum Creek, it has six bridges, We coordinated with landowners, an environmental consultant, a geotechnical engineer, the railroad, and Town representatives to bring this section to life. The trail has six bridges and required signage, wetland, and habitat assessments, and two trailheads. The most feasible route was chosen to accomodate conditions of trade, easement vegetation, and bridge crossings.