Jewell Wetlands

Aurora, CO

Jewell Wetlands in Aurora has been called one of the best examples of a wetlands environment in the metro area. As prime consultant, Design Concepts, along with engineers and ecological consultants, worked with the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District and the City of Aurora to gain consensus with the community through public process to enhance this valuable 50 acre resource. This sanctuary, located in an urban landscape, is refuge for owls, hawks and foxes as well as mature cottonwood groves, wetlands and cattails. Accessible crusher fine trails loop around the site, and boardwalks lead to observation deck overlooking the extensive wetlands area. 

Preservation of this area was of great concern to residents, and our goal was to maintain a natural balance in addition to establishing a detention pond, extending the willow groves, widening the channel that blends with the native landscape, and most importantly, fulfilling the visions of the neighborhood, City and UDFCD.