Schofield Farm and Open Space Master Plan | Erie, CO

Erie, CO

When the Town of Erie acquired the Schofield family farm, a large tract of land encompassing 35 acres of Erie Lake and 40 acres of farmland, they chose our landscape architects to help them design how to best use the land to serve the community.

Our team undertook historical research and completed family interviews to grasp the farm's place in the community’s past. 

To ensure our plans fit Erie's character, we gathered public input throughout the planning process. Public outreach included tabling at a local farmers’ market, several stakeholders’ meetings and focus groups, and the collection of public comments on the Town website as well as on several social media platforms.

We created the hashtag #DiscoverSchofield on social media platforms to create a positive and consistent venue for online comments. The public process culminated in our presentation of the proposed plan to the town’s Board of Trustees, which approved it..

Complete Master Planning Services Move Erie Toward Their Goals

In addition to a master plan, our final project package included a series of narratives showcasing the planned development, recommendations for immediate and future revenue generation, meeting notes, and an appendix of sub-consultant reports. Our phasing approach will allow the town maximum flexibility for gradual funding and programming and for variability of design. Phased drawings enabled stakeholders to better “see” the planned developments.

The final plan includes wildlife and open space areas, a hayfield leased to a local farmer, nature play opportunities, a soft surface loop trail, and gathering space.