Meet the DC Team: Dave

Dave Peterson has worked at DC since August 2004. Lately he has been serving as a Jack-of-all-trades aiding with city submittals and the logistics of getting projects underway and seeing that they are completed.

Now, however, he is transitioning into working with GRASP (Geo-Referenced Amenities Standard Program) which works with GreenPlay and Geowest, Inc. on the master planning for future park and recreation systems, which includes assessment of needs and level of service analysis. The first GRASP project to which Dave is contributing is in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he, Rob, and Amanda are working initially to create Geographical Information Systems showing Tulsa’s existing parks and rec inventory. The inventory is then given ratings related to how the different elements are functioning in the community so that DC and others working on the project can give recommendations for overall improvements. This information is then given to city officials who use it to decide how best to advance the overall parks and recreation system in their city.

Recently Dave was able to take a break from all he does at Design Concepts to return to Cancun for a week, where he enjoyed the limited crowds, ocean views, and a chance for some rest and relaxation.