KaBoom!: Encouraging Play

As a company which often finds itself in the business of creating places for children to play, we love KaBoom!'s dedication to play and playspaces in America. The organization initiates building, maintaining, and renovating playgrounds across the country; as well as motivating children to go back outside and play. According to Kaboom!'s website, "Through the Playmaker Network and the Playful City USA Campaign, the Kaboom! National Campaign for Play seeks to make play a priority in communities across the nation".

KaBoom.org's find a playspace feature allows people to search for playgrounds close to a certain address or to search for a playspace by name. Website visitors can also add playspaces they know about to the KaBoom! playspace collection. Design Concepts' Sandstone Ranch in Longmont is among the sites KaBoom! has registered.

Plenty of America's playgrounds do not yet appear on KaBoom!, so be sure to visit and add your f
avorite playspace today!

Image courtesy of KaBoom!