On the boards: 38th & Kipling Park

We've got a great new project we're working on for the City of Wheatridge. This site has sat empty for a long time and it's finally getting a park. The design is based on the theme of different aspects of the local mountains with a focus on the trees. The design includes a grass multi-use practice field, a small grass bowl amphitheater, a large plaza area with a shelter, splash pad, and a future restroom building, and a nice size aged separated play area based on the forest theme. The older and middle age play areas are themed around tree tops and tree houses and include a climbing wall in the future. The younger kids' area is based around the theme of the forest floor incorporating mushrooms, bugs and grasses. There's an existing ditch on the site which will be used as a natural water play area and possibly a source of irrigation. Our current design is for phases 1 and 2, planned for construction late this year through next year. Phase 3 of the park includes a skate park.