Erie Community Park

The growing town of Erie has been in the process of developing a civic precinct that will encompass a community center, a library, an amphitheater, a softball complex, an array of multi-use grass areas, tennis courts, and solar power-lit sport fields. Design Concepts currently has the opportunity to contribute to this local development by designing much of the outdoor space, including the amphitheater grounds.

In line with our efforts to develop in sustainable ways, this park--located west of I-25 and north of Highway 7--is focusing on using the sun and wind to power the area. The project will also use green building materials for all the outdoor structures. Design Concepts has been a part of the master planning and design and, as with other projects, we have committed to working around themes for Erie City Park: Prairie and Mining. The area is in fact being developed on the site of the old mines that first lead to the population of Erie, and indeed the East Boulder County area.

Currently the Erie Community Center and Library have finished construction and are open to the public.