Behind the Design at the Fairgrounds ... “The Iconic Jackleg / Buck & Rail Fence.”

One of the most iconic images of the historic ranch and farm is the jackleg / buck & rail fence (the terms ‘jackleg’ and ‘buck & rail’ are used interchangeably).  Ideal for the homesteaders of the early 1900’s, and commonly seen dotting the vast landscape, the jackleg fence doesn’t require digging postholes.  This was especially convenient on dry hardened prairielands and before the invention of posthole digging technology.

At The Park at Arapahoe Fairgrounds, jackleg / buck & rail fences are scattered throughout. At the main entry, the fence is a primary layer of the hedgerow, used decoratively but also serving as a natural windbreak—a common necessity on the high plains prairie.  The locally sourced logs are untreated with remaining bark left intact to create the authenticity of the homesteader’s farm.

Buck and Rail Fence Construction Detailing