If you’re in Pueblo on Saturday May 14, El Centro del Quinto Sol’s Skate Park will be officially dedicated. 10:00 marks the opening ceremony with a skate competition at 11:00. Where? 609 E. 6th Street. Thanks to Team Pain for another awesome facility, a definite gem for Pueblo!

The 23,000 square foot wheel park is designed for all ages and all abilities.  It’s part of a multi-faceted, multi-generational park and recreation area supporting Pueblo’s revitalized east side neighborhood. The site also offers a festival plaza with amphitheater, improved trail access along Fountain Creek and community garden plots. A hands-on, youth-engaged public process including local skaters and City Council members were instrumental in the design and development of the park.

Design Concepts designed the new park and trail portion of the project and partnered with Florida-based Team Pain Skate Parks to design the wheel park portion of the project. Team Pain considers the El Centro project hands down one of the best street skate plazas they have designed and constructed in recent years. The skate park is designed for all levels of users, champion pro and beginners simultaneously.

The design inspiration came from the adjacent creek’s ripple effects, the natural landscape and the surrounding colors. The wheel park features o bump to bar, ledges of all sizes, various rails, hips, banks, and a variety of transitions to allow for proper flow in the park. Two bowls offer differing levels of adventure. The larger bowl is 9.5 feet in the deep end and 6 feet in the shallow area. The second bowl is 8 feet in the deep end and 5 feet on the shallow side. Use of a light green tile at the upper rim of the bowl is a first for Team Pain. The tile brings a vibrancy to the bowl, contrasting with the clay colored plains of Pueblo.

This project was made possible by a $1.3 million Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) grant awarded to the City of Pueblo. The City provided matching funds, bringing the total budget to just over $2.5 million. The City also received a $195,000 Community Development Block Grant to fund future park amenities including a new playground, new restroom fixtures and a parking lot overlay.

Principal Axel Bishop shares “The addition of any town park that touches much of what makes a neighborhood unique and special adds a touch of life that people always appreciate. When that park also creates an atmosphere that brings families, friends, neighbors of all ages together, the green effect of the park is multiplied. El Centro del Quinto Sol is a magnet for skaters, kids, families and the whole east side. That is truly a gift from GOCO and the City of Pueblo.”