Honing Our Skills for Designing ECE Facilities


Early Childhood Education: Design Concepts’ Amber Hernandez attended the 2016 Early Childhood Education Design Conference last week. Amber shares “As designers it is critical that we are cognizant of the social, emotional, and physical developmental needs of ECE students. ECE play environments should support learning; allow for special flexibility and transparency; promote movement, independence, and discovery; and instill a sense of stewardship.”

The conference brings together nationally recognized experts and thought leaders to highlight best practices and cutting edge research in designing, developing and managing high performance learning environments for early childhood education.  Presentations focused on the importance of understanding and designing toward the unique developmental needs of children ages 2-5.  Topics included ECE facility and classroom design, outdoor education and playscapes and neuro science. Sponsored by ECE Partners, this year’s 2016 Early Childhood Education Design Conference featured several speakers from the design community including keynote speakers Peter Lippman and Dr. John Medina as well as Robin Randall, Andy Howard, Ed Buglewicz, Stuart Shell, Tomas Jimenez-Eliasson, Carol Richard-Brideau, and Jonathan Goldstein.