Top 10 Reasons to Enjoy GO Day 2015, Saturday June 13th

From the healthy options away from home-based technologies, enjoying the benefits of volunteering, to de-stressing and relishing the unity of being with friends and family—we embrace and support National Get Outdoors Day 2015 this Saturday, June 13th.  Plus, the weather looks “reasonable” and GO Day outdoor options are infinite.  Visit for ideas near you or visit one of our 118+ parks for a picnic, walk, play at the playground, or stare at the clouds from a perfect spot of grass.  Have a blast this Saturday!   

Directly from mouths of the organizers . . .

#10 –smaller portion of the nation is realizing the physical and mental benefits of being outdoors

#9 – kids are less connected to outdoors than any previous generation

#8 – America’s youth need triggers to motivate them to go outside

#7 – Americans are overwhelmed with information overload

#6 – people who volunteer are healthier and outdoor volunteerism is a need

#5 – balance indoor/outdoor use of time from malls and home-based technologies to the great outdoors

#4 – the future of America’s public lands will be determined by the extent we care about them

#3 – the problem of being unhealthy and associated BIG costs can be addressed with more physical activity

#2 –stress, an alarmingly increasing concern for youth can be helped with recreation: a powerful antidote to stress

#1 – its pretty, healthy and fun!