Dave Peterson Promoted to Associate

Dave joined Colorado-based Design Concepts in 2004 as a landscape architect.  Since then, he has helped grow the firm’s comprehensive GIS mapping capabilities for parks and recreation master planning projects.  His expertise helps measure community assets, socio-economic attributes, and gap areas through customizable analysis.  “Dave’s long-term commitment to the firm and his unique blend of expertise are invaluable to our future success.  He is instrumental in building one of our most unique service offerings sought after by community planners across the country,” stated Carol Henry, president of the firm.

Dave works with diverse public agencies throughout the country where focused efforts are underway to create healthy communities through quantifiable analysis that uncovers availability and accessibility to outdoor recreation, nature and parks.  These analyses provide justification for increasing or modifying availability to accessible outdoor environments. 

Recently Dave co-authored "Ball Field Study Hits Home Run," a study conducted for Stafford County, Virginia, where GIS analysis and public input determined demand and capacity for baseball and softball diamonds throughout the county.  This evidenced-based design methodology is an increasing part of planning efforts across the country.  He will be presenting ““Knock It Out of the Park! Using GIS Technology to Meet Your Goaaaaaallllls!!!” on the topic in October at Colorado Parks & Recreation Association annual conference in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Other notable projects include the Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan for the State of New Mexico; Healthy Communities Surveillance and Management Toolkit Project for the City of Liberty, Missouri; and Plug In To Nature, a current project for the city of Pueblo, Colorado assessing the availability and connectivity to outdoor parks and recreation amenities for citizens.

About Design Concepts

Founded in 1981, Design Concepts is in its third decade providing thoughtful, innovative and dynamic designs for public and private spaces.  Design Concepts is nationally recognized as a leader in creating and re-imagining spaces that embrace community gathering, recreation and play, connections to nature, and a focus on the environment. They continue to innovate healthy learning landscapes, and entertaining outdoor community places.  The firm’s current work includes a variety of learning landscapes, destination parks, projects plugging ‘nature into play,’ inclusive playgrounds, new recreation amenities, and planning for healthy communities. 

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