Rifle's New Park Celebrates History and Looks Towards the Future

With the grand opening coming up on Saturday, September 25th, we here at Design Concepts are getting excited about the completion of Rifle, Colorado's new Centennial Park. We have been working on this project for several years now, starting with a master plan and proceeding to help Rifle win a sizeable grant for the park, then on through construction documents and completion of the first phase of the park.

The park is designed to celebrate the city's first 100 years of settlement. But it also points the way into the next 100 years through things like the use of LED lighting and off-the-grid solar technology to illuminate the park's walkways. For more details on this, see the CLEER organization's September 15th edition of its newsletter, which explains how the energy-saving lights were made possible through technical and financial assistance at the state and local levels.

Grants, partnerships, sustainable design, and cutting-edge technology are all crucial parts of building parks today. They also keep our job interesting and challenging. Next time you are passing through Rifle, pull off the highway and spend some time there. This progressive community has many interesting things to see, including a beautiful new park!