Bike Commuters on the Move!

According to a recent article in the Washington Post, interesting things are happening in the world of bicycle commuting. According to the article, the Census Bureau reports that in the 70 largest cities in America, the number of bicycle commuters increased 48% between the years 2000 and 2008. Bicycle commuters now account for 1% of all commuters. While 1% is not a staggering percentage, the rate of growth is significant. The Post article also states that in Washington, DC the number of commuters doubled during that same time frame.

The article also makes note of the fact that Google Maps has now started providing bicycling directions in addition to its driving directions. While the system apparently needs some refinement, Google has attempted to incorporate off-street bike trails, separate bike lanes, and designated bike routes into the directions, and avoid obstacles like hills, busy streets, and crowded intersections.

This is great news for all commuters, not just those on bikes, as the growth of the cycling infrastructure will ultimately lead to reduced traffic congestion and heathier communities. It's great to see that the trails and bikeways that we have been planning and designing for our clients across the country are really paying off!

Rob Layton