To The Ends of the Earth...

Design Concepts gets to work with great clients and colleagues. Among these is GreenPlay LLC, whose Founder and CEO, Teresa Penbrooke, was recently invited to Antarctica to do a recreation and wellness plan for all of the U.S. stations, field camps, and research vessels located there. She spent the greater part of December "on ice" as they call it. Teresa told me about what she learned on her trip:

"The harsher the environment, the more important it is to pay attention to the outlets people have available to them. This includes facilities and programs for recreation and rejuvination. People living in Antarctica work long hours and have little personal privacy. The living conditions are cramped and most everyone has roomates. At the same time, the types of people who go there are likely to be somewhat introverted and want privacy and personal space."

"The most logical place to be alone and find solitude in Antarctica is outside, but the conditions can be dangerous and people are discouraged from venturing out alone. The investment in time and money it takes to get people there in the first place makes them too valuable to allow for risky behavior. At the same time, people who are willing to go to Antarctica tend to be adventurous. This poses a dilemna. A possible solution is to create safe trails where people can venture out and explore on their own."

So, even in Antarctica, recreational trails are a priority need! In our work here on the "top half" of the Earth, we consistently find that trails are the number one priority for recreational amenities among the public. Looks like that need extends to even the farthest reaches of the world. Certainly, the need to be outside, active, and engaging the senses is a universal one that is important to the well-being and productivity of people wherever they are.

Posted By Rob Layton