JVA, Inc. Engineers

The Colorado Engineering company JVA, Inc. is a local structural and civil engineering company that Design Concepts often works with.  When leading a project we frequently hire JVA as our civil engineering consultants, and we have also been paired with them by lead architects which both companies serve as sub-consultants to.  While we work mostly with the Civil Engineers in the JVA Boulder office, their firm also has offices in Winter Park and Fort Collins.

Over the years of working on Colorado parks and schools together the two firms have come to have both a friendly professional and social relationship.  Among other contributors to our successful working relationship is the fact that both firms share mutual drafting standards, making file-sharing easier on everyone.

Recently JVA and Design Concepts have both been involved in a variety of projects including Bayou Gulch in Douglas County. Currently we are working on Aurora Public Schools' Preschool-8 project as well as the 38th and Kipling park in Wheatridge, both which are under construction.