What Are You Doing Outside?

It’s summer and time to get outside. Following up on our recent blog regarding the Denver Post’s article on playgrounds (see the Friday, June 12 post of this blog below), I decided to look for other online postings related to parks that we have worked on. It is fascinating to find out what people are doing in our parks – especially the ways they find to make them part of their own lives. For example, Westlands Park has become a venue for a variety of Meetups where people can make new friends, get fit, and have fun together.

One young athlete is on his way to becoming an action video star by filming his skateboard skills at some of the skate parks we’ve designed and posting them on YouTube.

What are you doing outside? Let us know what your favorite places are this summer and what you are doing there. If you’ve posted pictures, videos, or other info online, we’ll publish a link to them here.
Get out and have fun!

Rob Layton