DC Interns

Our office is situated across the street from Pioneer Elementary School and each year we like to participate in their internship program to help promote Landscape Architecture. We work with a handful of students for two to four days over two weeks and show them what we do. The students have their choice of what local business to do their internship with and we’re flattered that we are a popular choice for the program. Each year is a fun time and a great experience for all of us. This year was no exception, we had an amazing group of students who wound up impressing us with their ideas.

We worked on a new playground design at their school. We started by walking around the school grounds doing a site inventory and gathering info on what they want at their new playground. We showed them how to lay out the design and draw up plans. They then presented their concept to our entire office, something they took very seriously. Our favorite part is when we show them how to use a scale to translate a scaled drawing to the real world by drawing a 4-square court in our parking lot and spending a little time reconnecting with one of our favorite school games, 4-square.

The students came up with two themes – The Rocky Mountains and a Super Rainforest. Both designs featured zip lines, climbing walls and lots of swings. All the kids were big fans of oversized elements like huge waterslides and huge bugs they could climb to in the trees. Thank you to the interns for your hard work and creativity, hopefully you will come to work for us when you graduate from college!