New Website Feature: Virtual Arboretum

Check out our new Virtual Arboretum for the Louisville Community Park!

We’ve put together an interactive way for communities to learn more about the trees that live in their area. Park visitors can stop and take notice of the Imperial Honeylocust they pass en route to the playground or the English Oak that they have been resting under.

To use the VA, go to our website to download and print the Virtual Arboretum map and take it with you to the park. Orient yourself using the map and match the trees on the guide to those on the map. It is a fun and interactive way to experience the park and can be used by anyone – from families to seniors, and wildlife enthusiasts to school groups.
We started the Virtual Arboretum project to share our knowledge of the many neighborhood parks around Colorado with the communities that use them. Perhaps it will help instill a greater appreciation for the natural environment or allow users to impress their friends as they recite Quercus macrocarpa.

We invite you to give it a try and keep going back throughout the year. Please leave a comment and let us know what you think!