DC Legacy Project: Boulder HS Creek Corridor

The Boulder High School Creek Corridor project also supports the dual importance between functional design and long term aesthetics.  Also completed in the early 1990s, the City of Boulder and Boulder Valley School District teamed up on this flood mitigation project to address pedestrian circulation and flooding concerns along the shared Boulder Creek Corridor, just behind Boulder High School. Both the athletic fields and the popular Boulder Creek Path needed significant upgrades to address pedestrian circulation and flooding concerns. Design Concepts worked with both entities to re-align sections of the path, remove structures along the creek to allow for the needed fields and elevating a pedestrian bridge over the creek. The bridge connects the school grounds to the football stadium. The entire project resulted in less congestion along the path, maximized views from the school grounds and provided a drainage corridor to guide floodwaters away from the high school. The floodwaters of 2013 put this area to the test, and while the fields flooded as well as some of the high school, this project served its purpose to mitigate as much of the flood waters as it was designed for!