Knock it out of the park! GIS helps improve quality of life for park users

The May issue of Parks & Rec Magazine features an article by our own Dave Peterson and Carter Marshall. Stafford County, VA needed to understand current demand and capacity of their athletic facilities, and specialized GIS applications were used to help the county make justifiable, evidence-based decisions. The study also determined target locations for new fields based on user access and population density. Ultimately  GIS analysis was used as justification to secure additional funding for needed ballfield improvements.

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology is a powerful tool for mapping our world and understanding spatial relationships.  GIS applications allow users to create a digital model of the real world that may be used to answer real world questions.  Utilized in a wide range of industries and disciplines, GIS can be a valuable analysis and planning tool for park and recreation professionals as well.

GIS analysis provides more robust evidence for action than traditional master planning techniques and yields decisions based on customizable factors specific to an agency or community. GIS datasets may be used to identify gaps and allow service providers to prioritize improvements based on evidence based decisions.  Click here to learn more.

“Prioritizing projects and their locations based on the data collected and the results of the study, we are now confident in our investment choices, knowing we are addressing actual needs,” says Jamie Porter, now Former Director of Stafford County Parks. That’s a home run in our book!