Engaging Youth and the Community With the Outdoors: “Pueblo Plug in to Nature”

Design Concepts, along with Tapis Associates, led a recently completed study that was a focus of Research Brief #7, published by GP RED, a 501(c)3 organization. The brief is a research-focused review of the recently completed study, “Pueblo Plug in to Nature.”

The study is the analysis of an 18 square mile, low-moderate income census block within the City of Pueblo, Colorado, to determine current levels of connectedness with the outdoors and nature.  The goal of the study was to reveal gaps and barriers that inhibit connections to nature, and identify opportunities to increase access to the outdoors for residents.

According to GP RED, “by concurrently addressing policies, infrastructure, and community engagement, the City of Pueblo and its partners have the potential to create a positive shift in the ability of all citizens, particularly the youth of Pueblo, to access nature and the outdoors now and for generations to come.”

The “Pueblo Plug in to Nature” project was funded by Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO).  A collaborative effort was undertaken by the City of Pueblo, Plug in to Nature Advisory Committee and staff, and the consultant team led by Design Concepts and Tapis Associates, along with Place Matters, and GP RED’s Healthy Communities Research Group.

Additional information about this relevant and important study focusing on connecting children to nature will be shared on Design Concepts blog and social media sites in the coming months.