Design Concepts Blends Research with Practice in New Cooperative Extension Publication

If keeping people physically active is good for the overall health of the community, it makes sense to consider just how much activity is associated with various types of park improvements. And given that park improvements require an investment of public tax dollars, it also makes sense to know how much those activity-generating park features cost to provide. A new publication from NC Cooperative Extension Resources does all of this for a variety of typical park facilities. For example, using the guide, planners can compare the size requirements (i.e., land area needed), energy expenditure, and construction costs associated with a football field to those for a tennis or volleyball court. Information on annual maintenance costs is also provided.

Collaborating with scholars from North Carolina State University, Design Concepts Principals Robby Layton and Carol Henry contributed to this document that blends evidence-based research with real-world practical experience, offering guidance to planners, policymakers, and others involved in providing parks and promoting public health. The publication, titled Cost Analysis for Improving Park Facilities to Promote Park-Based Physical Activity can be found at: