Whitetail Park

Lafayette, CO

The City of Lafayette was in need of a new park that could serve the needs of local sports leagues and residents.  Located in the South Pointe neighborhood, each of the three public meetings for 12-acre site attracted 75-100 people. Overall, the public process was highly successful with everyone involved feeling a sense of ownership in the final plan.  The theme of Travelers is evident, highlighting the historical aspect of the site.  A concrete maze with sandblasted and colored icons can be found with tumbleweed, rattlesnake and tornado impressions. Residents and sports leagues can enjoy two non-lighted multi-use fields, tennis courts, picnic shelters (mimicking conestoga prairie wagons) with restrooms building that resembles an old stagecoach stop, basketball court and children’s play area, parking, and trails.  A focal point is the huge climbing boulder in the shape of a buffalo.  A “watering hole” is an interactive water play feature which sprays low-pressure misters on curious kids when buttons are pushed.  Design Concepts completed the Master Plan and construction documents.  The official dedication of the completed park occurred in June 2005.