Westlands Park

Greenwood Village, CO

Westlands Park is unique to the front range area because it contains many features not found at the "average" park. Whether it's winter, spring, summer or fall, Westlands Park expresses its theme, A Park For All Seasons, in a number of ways. Design Concepts extended the idea of seasons to include the celestial cycles of the sun and moon, as well as the idea of seasons of life. A giant sundial, a zodiac plaza with a lunar calendar, and a time capsule are literal expressions of the theme, while a changing-leaf motif is used to express the annual seasons of the year. Artists were involved to incorporate this theme in a variety of ways throughout the site, including metal fabrications, sandblasting, and custom form liners for concrete walls. 

A simple hillside of grass will serve as an amphitheater, and the "stage" is backdropped by a computer-controlled interactive water feature with spray jets that are randomly programmed at the push of a button. Other water features include granite columns that glisten with water in the summer and ice over for an ever-changing sculpture in the winter, and a waterwall cascading over colorful sandstone. Existing outdoor ponds surrounding the park create a serene backdrop. An activity pad serves the needs of roller hockey, basketball, and a possible future ice rink. The multi-level playground for all ages takes advantage of a sloping site to create a "land slide" that is the main entry into the playground. (Parents can use the stairs or a ramped walkway if they prefer.) Bridges on another level allow direct access for wheelchairs onto the upper decks of the play structure, and a custom-designed two-story treehouse in the middle of a wooded area is accessed by wooden bridges through the treetops. Climbing features for the playground portray the art and architecture of the park as well. Custom-built sculptures are integrated into Westlands Park that combine the theme of the park with rock-climbing routes that serve a wide range of ages and abilities. 

The site contains 3 restroom buildings, one of which is earth-sheltered with a plaza atop the building overlooking the playground, while also allowing same level access to the soccer, lacrosse and softball fields behind it. See "Parks" project category for more photos and information.