Redstone Park

Highlands Ranch, CO

Master planning for Highlands Ranch's 53-acre community park (now called Redstone Park) involved almost a year's worth of public facilitation to overcome conflicting interests. The result is a plan for an active park that has strong support from throughout the community. It includes a three-field softball complex (with peaked backstops representing the Rocky Mountain foothills visible from the park), a practice field, two large multi-use greens, and lighted tennis courts, as well as areas for passive recreation. A fishing pond (one of the first recreational water features in Highlands Ranch) is planned here, which also acts as a storage pond and raw-water delivery system for irrigation. A gazebo located next to the pond provides picturesque views of the Front Range, and is the highest point in the park. A skate park was recently completed. Other amenities include an amphitheater and a playground with a wooden castle surrounded by a "moat". The plaza connecting the ballfields, playground and picnic areas contains curvilinear paving patterns, suggesting a river running through a canyon. The surface was scored and stained green-blue to mimic flowing water. Douglas County Schools also built Shea Stadium, a regional stadium for football and soccer, within this park. Design Concepts worked with the architect for the stadium to provide site planning, entry signage and landscape architecture, grading and irrigation. Redstone Park was dedicated in September of 2000 and is the pride of the community.