Red Rock Canyon Open Space

Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs contains some of the world's most recognizable landscapes. Red Rock Canyon Open Space can now take its place among these. 
Situated along-side Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods, both of which are visible from the site, Red Rock Canyon offers a quiet alternative to its heavily-touristed neighbors. Its 787 acres contain a series of lush canyons separated by dramatic sandstone ridges. 

Local residents were passionate about the project after waiting and hoping for years that the private property would be saved from intensive development and be opened to the public as a protected natural area. This passion energized the series of public meetings held to generate the vision for Red Rock Canyon Open Space. Design Concepts led the planning effort, and the master plan was completed in the astonishingly short period of less than six monts from initiation to adoption of the plan. Varying opinions about how the site should be used and preserved were worked through to gain the support and concensus needed to produce this quick result. 

The final plan includes 17 miles of trail, classified by both degrees of difficulty and by interpretive themes. Trails accomodate hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians. There are areas for Free-Riding Bicycling, group picnicing, rock-climbing, and special events. Areas have also been deesignated for off-leash dog use and for contemplative, hiker-only visitation.