Parks and Recreation Inventory and Assessment | Prince George's County, MD


For this project, a very complete and thorough database of amenities related to the provision of parks and recreation facilities in Prince George’s County was conducted.  All of the individual components within the system were evaluated and recorded into the inventory dataset.

The purpose of the inventory was to get as complete and accurate a picture as possible of the recreational opportunities available to the residents of Prince George’s County.

After scoring each component as outlined in the inventory description, GIS software was used to create graphic representations that allow for easy visual and numerical analysis of the recreation system. Some of the representations show raw data collected through the inventory process or received from other sources. These are referred to as Resource Maps. Other representations emerge from the processing of data within the GIS using composite values analysis. These analyses can look at both general and specific aspects of the system. Each of these representations is called a GRASP® Perspective. Team members included Greeplay, LLC and Design Concepts.