Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan | New Mexico 

For this project, the team, consisting of Greenplay, LLC and Design Concepts, developed a Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) with a systemic approach that focused on:

  • Designing and implementing a statewide stakeholder survey;
  • Organizing and consulting with statewide stakeholder agencies;
  • Analyzing the relationships between statewide recreation facilities and activities and community-based environmental education and restoration activities;
  • Analyzing and summarizing the data obtained from stakeholder work sessions,
  • Providing recommendations and implementation strategies and preparing draft and final versions of an Executive Summary and SCORP to be approved by the State Parks Division.

Design Concepts was tasked to:

  • Obtain current inventory and relative/available GIS data for SCORP mapping.
  • Conduct a detailed inventory of alternative service providers that contribute to the SCORP as a system as well as outdoor recreation and environmental education programs and services, using available information obtained through agency surveying, meetings, and follow up phone calls.
  • Use relevant national, state, and local trends, survey results, and demographic information.
  • Using the GRASPĀ® analysis, create a series of Perspectives that graphically represent level of service coupled with target market demographic data, capacity, and density normalization to ascertain options for the best possible provider of service.