Louisville, CO

This project was led by a team of managers and key staff within the Parks and Recreation Department, Planning Department and GIS Department. An extensive public input process was a key component of the project. The City’s project team met with a team of consultants from GreenPlay LLC to provide- input throughout the planning process. This collaborative effort created a Master Plan that not only fully utilizes the consultants’ knowledge but also relied on significant input from a fully engaged staff which in turn will allow them to effectively implement the plan. The project consisted of the following tasks.

Needs Assessment and Public Involvement:

Review of previous planning efforts.

Consideration of the profile of the community and demographics, including anticipated population growth.

Extensive community involvement effort including focus groups, meetings with key stakeholders, Boards, Commissions and City Council, community-wide public meetings, and a statistically-valid needs assessment survey.

Research of trends and statistics related to parks, open space and recreation to help guide the efforts of programming staff.

Level of Service Analysis:

  • Creation of a comprehensive inventory and assessment of the condition of amenities of parks, open space and facilities using existing mapping, staff interviews, and on-site visits.
  • Enhancement of the inventory data including:
  • 1) From initial park and open space location boundaries provided by Louisville, a new set of boundaries was created that more closely reflects actual property boundaries with unique names and identifiers.
  • 2) Created additional park and open space location boundaries based on known parks and open space maintenance responsibilities with unique names and identifiers.
  • 3) Organized and identified alternative provider locations including ownership and name into shapefile with unique names and identifiers.
  • 4) Created clean trail shapefile with unique names and identifiers from multiple trail and sidewalk files provided by the City.
  • 5) Created names for non-developed park and open space parcels
  • 6) Created indoor facilities locations shapefile with unique names and identifiers.
  • 7) Created shapefile of 619 individual components within the Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Trails system and their location and unique identifiers.
  • Created a new open space component and scoring system.
  • Interviews with Department staff to better understand information about parks and recreation facilities and services and to gain insight into the current practices and experiences of the City in serving its residents and visitors.
  • Maintenance analysis addressing parks, recreation, open space, trail facilities, and related services.

Assessment and Analysis:

  • Measurement of the current delivery of service using the GRASP® (Geo-Referenced Amenities Standards Program) Level of Service Analysis, allowing for a target level of service to be determined that is both feasible and aligned with the desires of citizens, as expressed through the Citizen Survey. This analysis is also represented graphically with maps.
  • Exploration of finance and funding mechanisms to support development and sustainability of the system.

Recommendations and Implementation Strategies:

  • Identification and categorization of recommendations into goals and objectives for implementation.
  • Development of an action plan for recommendations and capital improvements to support the implementation of the Plan.