Frances Jacobs ECE-5

Denver, CO

Frances Jacobs School ECE-5 is a Denver Public School located in the Green Valley Ranch neighborhood, completed in September 2014.   The design of the Learning Landscape playfully interprets the theme of energy, providing opportunities to learn about kinetic energy, wind, weather and nature.  Multiple forms of energy, including wind, corn, geothermal, petroleum, sun, nuclear, coal and hydro power are expressed in graphic images throughout the site, and inspirational quotes etched into the outdoor amphitheater follow this theme. 

A variety of energy-infused interactive learning amenities include an interactive sun clock, windmill hopscotch, foursquare, basketball court with graphic expressions for centrifugal force, the path of inertia, tetherball courts painted like propellers, a wind pattern maze, and whimsical items like a dandelion’s seeds blowing in the breeze scattering triangles across the play pads are etched or painted on hard surfaces.