Forest Preservation | Cook County, CO

The overall goal of this project was to develop a strategic plan to be used as a resource for development of recreational areas within the District and to develop a visionary but realistic plan that included:

  • Analysis of the effectiveness of current programs, services, and facilities;
  • Recommendations for the need for additional recreation facilities and services that are not currently provided;
  • Recommendations for funding strategies for future facilities;
  • Identification of ways in which to introduce new users to the District’s Recreation System.

Design Concepts was tasked with the following tasks with a focus on the inventory and level of service analysis, policies and standards, and recommendations for physical improvements:


  • Strategic Kick-Off (Task I.A)
  • Public Meetings and Outreach (Task I.C)               
  • Analysis of Programs and Services
  • Inventory, Mapping & LOS
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Demand Analysis
  • Findings and Visioning
  • Preliminary Recommendations/Draft Plan
  • Plan Deliverables and Presentation