Anemone Hill Multi-Use Trail

Boulder, CO

Design Concepts worked with the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks Division, providing trail alignment and designs, including GPS/GIS maps for trail alternatives, in the Anemone Hill recreation area west of Boulder. 

Stakeholders for this project also included the Boulder Open Space Board, Boulder City Council, Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance and citizens. The Anemone Hill site is a treasured open space parcel, which also made it highly contentious when it came to potential development of any trails accessible by the public. 

The City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks used their West Trail Study Area (WTSA) Plan, which was called for in their Visitor Master Plan, as a guiding document. The City spent about three years working on the WTSA plan which included about 18 months of work with a community group of 16 to plan for recreational use in the western part of Boulder's system. When the original plan went before City Council, they expressed a desire for a formal, detailed trail and use plan for one portion of the area covered by the WTSA Plan. 

The City hired Design Concepts to help address this highly controversial and high profile area. We presented to and listened to the public, the Open Space Board and City Council, and helped the groups work through all issues that were raised. Plans were produced that were accessible by a number of user groups. City Council selected hiking only with dogs off-leash. These trails are currently being designed for bidding and construction. 

The final plan, approved through the public process, consists of a 3-mile loop trail and a 1.5 mile linear trail. Both are accessible from downtown Boulder without having to drive to a trailhead.